Our backGroud Story

Every ophthalmologist wants to save the vision or restore the vision of every patient who approaches him with some eye problem. But it is not always possible to do so. Vision is irrevocably lost in many situations, either the disease is incurable or treatment is taken too late . ” Sorry nothing can be done to save the vision” – every ophthalmologist hates saying these words. Then what else can be done to help them? Thoughts along this line made me try to set up a rehabilitation centre for the visually challenged under the Regional Institute of Opthalmology Alumni Association when I was its President. Government of Kerala gave permission to start it in the Rio campus and an MOU was signed between RIOAA and the Government if Kerala and punarjyothi started functioning after the inauguration by the Hon. Health Minister if Kerala, Smt. Shylaja teacher on February 13 2019.

How can we helo the visually chalkenged? Today many software and gadgets are available which help the visually challenged to get good education in a nirmsk school , earn a livelihood even without much professional qualifications and lead an independent life with self respect . The goal of Punarjyothi is to train the visually challenged along these lines and help them to stand on their own feet.

Today an opthalmologist can tell a visually challenged person ” we cannot restore your vision but we can certainly help to improve the quality of your life “. That is the aim of punarjyothi


Executive Committee

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