India has the largest number of visually challenged persons in the world .The chances of becoming visually challenged due to diseases like diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and macular degeneration increases as the life expectancy increases. The visually challenged can lead a near normal life if provided adequate training with modern technology. Though Kerala has excellent treatment facilities, there are very few good rehabilitation centres for the visually challenged patients. Punarjyothi was started jointly by the RIO Trivandrum Alumni Association and Government of Kerala in February 13, 2019 to provide rehabilitation services to the visually challenged patients.

How it helps

After registration in Punarjyothi , each patient is examined in detail to assess the degree of visual disability and to determine the appropriate visual aid to help in his/her visual rehabilitation. 

Training facilities to walk with a white cane, use special talking software and to do daily household activities will be provided to the needy.

Expert psychiatric help will be provided to those depressed due to the visual disability.


To achieve these goals, voluntary financial help is required. A bank account has been started by the Visual Rehabilitation Centre for this purpose. The account details are

Account No : 046201000013834
Indian Overseas Bank , General Hospital Junction,
Branch IFSC – IOBA0000462 

Donations Received

  • The VK Velayudhan Foundation – a laptop for computer training of the blind. (view)
  • The Varkala Radhakrishnan Foundation – Rs10000 for providing whitecanes for needy blind. 
  • Dr Naina has contributed one key board and speaker for the project. 
  • Dr PS Girija Devi has contributed a scanner with cable and has contributed financially. 
  • Financial contributions have also been got from Dr Susheela Prabhakaran, Dr P J Thomas, Dr Jayanandan, Dr Suseela B Nair and Dr K Mahadevan.
  • Dr Geetha A , Head Biochemistry department Pushpagiri Medical College has contributed rupees 25,000.
  • 10 Chairs by Mr. Venu, Staff of Provident Fund Office  (view)
  • Dr Nivedita’s batch. – Rs 60000
  • Video magnifier by :
    Dr Lathika – Rs 5000
    Dr Jayalekshmi, Dr Kajal Seema- Rs 10000
    Dr K Mahadevan, Dr Bindu Thampi,Dr Remya R, Rekha R S -Rs 10000
  • Dr Soumya -Rs 15000
  • Dr Renuka Mohan -Rs 10000
  • Mr Vimal -Rs 5000
  • Mr Venu, Provident fund employee, Sri.Prassanan ,HDS member, Dr Sunil -10 chairs
  • Niece of Sri Prassanan- Lap top table
  • Mr.Satheesh -Patient of Dr Sunil – multi utility table
  • Mr Rajesh Dharma, friend of Dr Sunil -Rs 25,000
  •  Dr Bushra T – Laptop table (view)


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