Seminar – Child Care for Visually Challenged

On 18th Saturday, Punarjyothi has conducted its first seminar for Visually Challenged Childrens from the age group of (2years to 14years) and parents of visually challenged from (2:30pm to 5:00pm).

Seminar started with prayer. Dr. P.S. Girija Devi, President of Punarjyothi done the welcome speech, Dr V Sahasranamam given the motivation sppech/

Dr Anil Kumar T.V., Professor in Psycatry (MCH, TVM) conducted an interaction session regarding stress management, how to increase confidence, breathing therapy.

Dr Deepa Bhaskaran, Asst professor: CDC Pediatrics conducted how to train children from their early age itself, doing personal hygiene, eating habits, learning habit, identifying smell, how to improve their hearing and touching sense, how to become self independent etc

Leena C Lambodharan, Asst teacher, Govt. Blind School, Vazhutacaud, has given a talk on the importance of educating the differently abled childrens and services provided by Govt. for the children etc.

Vote of thanks by Dr Naina Jabeen Hyder.

Around 70 members participated in the seminar.

Seminar – Child Care for Visually Challenged

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